Marya Stark’s The Garden Album, Audrey Murr Copland on Healing and The Steven Graves Band


AudreyPic.jpg Audrey Murr Copland, British Healer & Renowned International Healing Arts Tutor, speaks about healing our planet through love.  On 12/12/2012 and every day we hope everybody can try to connect to this love.  Audrey shares an  important Breathing and Meditation Exercise for Personal and Universal Healing. Audrey has built up a dedicated following over 25 years in the spiritual field. She was fortunate to develop her skills alongside mentors such as Sir George Trevelyan, Frederic Lionel, Lilla Bek, Brugh Joy and Barbara Ann Brennan. She is widely travelled and has taught many hundreds of people how to heal and be healed in many different places including America, Canada, Newfoundland, Alaska, Germany, Israel, Spain and Portugal. Audrey has also helped set up Healing organisations in Europe and USA. Audrey is a natural sensitive who works intuitively with colour and energy yet she has always sought to grow and develop her skills through experience and deep study. For more information go to

Three members of the Steven Graves band play songs from the newly released cd "Let it Ride." Let it Ride evokes images of early Neil Young with great harmony vocals, tasty guitar and mandolin riffs, and Steven’s emotional and passionate singing. See

Garden_Album_WEBRES_SM.jpg Finally, the most angelic music we've ever heard-- Marya Stark playing songs from her newly released "The Garden" album. From the sunny coast of Santa Cruz, California, singer-songwriter Marya Stark emerges from Gadgetbox Studios, where she and producer Andy Zenzack have been chiseling away for over a year to delicately craft a sonic masterpiece. Marya’s debut album “The Garden” is a collection of 13 songs ranging in influence from classical aria, pop music, and cinematic indie folk. Each song blossoms, carving its own unique aesthetic world. The record features lush string arrangements, pounding orchestral drum sections and Queen-styled vocal harmonies. At the center of it all is Marya’s refined, hypnotic and enchanting voice weaving intelligent, honest and lucid stories. Her hope-filled anthems, dynamic musicality and expansive emotional landscapes show the many facets of a passionate, awakening heart. See

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