Land Trusts as a Means to Protect Land


randywidera.jpg We talk to Randy Widera the Founder of the UCCR Web of Life Field (WOLF) School.  UCCR (United Camps, Conferences and Retreats) is the facility management non-profit that is partnering with CA State Parks to take care of Little Basin, and the WOLF School is the Program Division of UCCR.  WOLF gets to provide environmental education and interpretive programs to all who attend Little Basin. Randy speaks about WOLF School and what they are doing for students, teachers and families.  He also talks about Little Basin grand opening recreation festival for Little Basin Cabins and Campgrounds (

terry_corwin.jpg Next we talk to Terry Corwin, the Executive Director of Land Trust of Santa Cruz and Jeff Helmer. The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County is dedicated to protecting and caring for the lands we love.  It protects both working lands, like farms and timberland, and natural lands with high conservation value – thus protecting water supplies, wildlife habitats, and open space (


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