Communications 4 Good, Love Tank and The Fungus Fair


Sandy-Skees-80x80.jpg Sandy Skees, a senior sustainability communications strategist, gives established businesses, early stage companies and organizations insight on the intersection of brand, communications and purpose.  With her clients, Sandy is creating programs that give businesses a way to focus, share, and motivate change in the world. See

Irene-Tsouprake1.jpg Irene Tsouprake and Sandy Skees have a YES, AND! attitude and they discuss how this attitude is showing up in the world.

fungus.png We talk to organizers ofthe The Santa Cruz Fungus Fair which offers a range of features and programs of interest to all, including:  fungi experts, culinary experts and fun activities. The 39th annual fungus fair happens on Jan. 11-13. See  We also have musician Bobby Carr featuring some new songs.

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