Whale Research Update with Dr. Southall and Dr. Friedlaender


We have Dr. Southall BrandonSouthall.jpg and Dr. Friedlaender   ARI.jpg back from their SOCAL field research with SEA, Inc.   “SOCAL‐BRS” (Behavioral Response Study) is a multi‐year effort (2010‐2015) to designed to better understand marine mammal behavior and reactions to sound. It is an interdisciplinary research collaboration, building on previous efforts in the Bahamas and Mediterranean Sea. The overall objective is to provide a better scientific basis for estimating risk and minimizing effects of active sonar for the U.S. Navy and regulatory agencies. SOCAL‐BRS is also part of a larger international collaboration to measure the impacts of noise marine mammals using opportunistic and experimental approaches. Please visit their website at http://sea-inc.net/socal-brs/.  We talk about Dr. Southall's book Ocean Journeys: Beginnings http://www.amazon.com/Ocean-Journeys-Beginnings-Brandon-Southall/dp/1607467844.


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