Studying Sound in the Sea with SEA, Inc. and live Music with 5 Women’s 5 Life Stories


southall.jpg We talk to Brandon Southall and Ari Friedlaender of SEA, Inc. ARI.jpg

SEA, Inc. is an international company that delivers science to support conservation management and environmentally-responsible business decisions. SEA, Inc. has extensive experience in science, research, engineering, conservation management, public education, and biological monitoring and mitigation of the adverse environmental impacts created by human industries.  We are getting an update on their field research studying the effects of sound on marine life.  The issue of how human sound affects marine life has been dominated by sonar systems and marine mammal strandings. However, we are increasingly realizing that other sounds, such as those associated with offshore energy development and chronic noise arising from other industrial activities such as commercial shipping are also key considerations. So too are we realizing that passive listening tools for detecting marine life are vital tools in monitoring for marine life around industrial operations to identify impacts and ensure sustainable development. See and

women.jpg We feature the live music of Five Women, Five Life Stories with artists Jan Luby, Lady Michal Lauren, and Laura Devine Burnett.  Jan Luby is known for her engaging, often riveting stage-presence as well as her voice full of passion, range and power. Rhode Island's Motif Magazine chose Jan as Female Vocalist of 2011. Lady Michal''s voice radiates like the glimmer of sunlight off the surface of a cool mountain lake on a warm summer's day. Her Musings and emotion come from the heart within the heart - the place where only the truest of singers and musicians can come from. Laura Devine~Burnett's heavenly vocals coupled with the ethereal sound of the mountain dulcimer, presents the listener with her originals, folk ballads, old timey and spirituals tunes.  See and and and

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