Mar 28, 2021

It’s ___ Way __ Love! ____! Isolated Tracks from Classic Rock

Something's missing from this episode of It's the Way of Love!  Live!  We explore the process of recording and examine isolated tracks from some of the best songs of the best bands of all time, including the Beatles, the Who, Fleetwood Mac, Marvin Gaye, and many others!  Even some standup comedy about silent letters!Classic_Rock_Isolated_Tracksam6u3.jpg

Mar 21, 2021

Back to Basics; Universal Love

Because of our growing audience we go back to basics and explain the basis of our show; Universal Love.  Through music, philosophy and laughter we explore the notion that love unites us all.  Distinguished from personal romantic love, universal love is the unifying force between all life.Show_18_Love_Pic8i3vs.jpg

Mar 14, 2021

Trombone Tribute for Anthony Crawley and Jake Hurd

This started out as a tribute with trombones for my trombonist in the Shakeshifters, Anthony Crawley.  Midway through, I learned our stage union brother Jake Hurd had died, and it became about him too.  I've never cried on air before.  Rest in Peace, Anthony and Jake.Trombone_Tribute_for_Anthony9m6oe.jpg

Mar 7, 2021

Greatest Women Guitarists of all Time

Greatest_Women_Guitarists_Ever6k5m8.jpgWe celebrate Women's History Month with some of the greatest guitarists of all time who happen to be women.  Memphis Minnie, Sister Loretta Tharpe, Elizabeth Cotten, Peggy "Lady Bo" Collins, Susan Tedeschi, Nancy Wilson, Bonnie Raitt, Ally Venable and more.

Mar 2, 2021

From the Caribbean through the Swamp to Congo Square: Black History in Music

In this final Black History Month episode explores the journey of Black culture and music from the Caribbean through Congo Square to the rest of America.  We also talk with Eugenia Rice and Phillip Mobley of "An Evening Discussing Race" on their important work exploring equity and justice in our community.Afro-Caribbean_Culture_through_Congo_Square_t...

Mar 2, 2021

From Gandy to Disco: Black American Culture on the Train

From_Gandy_to_Disco_Trains_in_Black_Historybe...In this Black History Month Episode we explore the influence on trains on the music and culture on African Americans and the rest of the country.


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