Feb 17, 2021

1-23-21 Sea Shanties while Sailing

Sea_Shanties_while_sailingart2q.jpgJoin us on a sailing trip on the SS Way of Love and we brave the waves and share a history of sea shanties and other ocean lore.

Feb 17, 2021

Starship Way of Love Flies into Space

Space_way_of_love7xkoy.jpgJoin us for a journey around the planet on the Starship Way of Love, the old space shuttle Discovery, powered by rock and roll!  While in orbit we examine the top space stories of the day.

Feb 16, 2021

Wavy Gravy Native American Benefit11-20-2020

Wavy_Gravyb34m4.jpgWe host Wavy Gravy for his birthday and interview Dave Alvin, John Trudell, Peter Gowan, and more.  Excerpts from our upcoming film project.


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