Aug 31, 2013

The Journey into Aikido with Linda Holiday and Live Music of George Orwell Experience

 We talk to Linda Holiday about her new book Journey to the Heart of Aikido: The Teachings of Motomichi Anno Sensei.

  Next is the live music of The George Orwell Experience,a collective of friends who play music for the love of it.

Aug 24, 2013

JANE The Movie with Deborah Allen and Iconic Scabetti Designers Dominic and Frances Bromley

Ruth Copland interviews Deborah Allen, local screenwriter and producer of the film JANE. Somewhere in America a woman is raped every two minutes, and almost 40% are between the ages of 14-17. Most tell no one. Screenwriter wrote JANE based on her own experience; she was raped when she was 15. We talk about JANE and how it shows it is possible to heal from trauma and regain wholeness.

Ruth Copland and MC Hager interview British design duo Frances and Dominic Bromley of Scabetti. Their iconic lighting installations have appeared around the world gracing government buildings, museums and private residences. Organic forms and tactile, high-quality English-made materials are characteristic of their work. We talk about their pieces and about the importance of art and design as a positive force in the world.

Aug 17, 2013

Inspiring Education with Dr Percy Abram and Singer-Songwriter Tyler Stenson

Ruth Copland and MC Hager talk with Dr Percy Abram, Principal of Gateway School in Santa Cruz, about stressed out students and what constitutes academic success. Is it only the grades that count? We chat about how best we can instil a love of learning in our students and prepare them for the new marketplace. Also the unique approach Gateway has so that students are inspired, encouraged and challenged by their talented faculty.

Ruth Copland interviews Tyler Stenson and plays tracks from his 10th album Some Days I’m A Lion. Tyler’s star is definitely in the ascendant building on many years of outstanding writing and playing. He recently opened for LeAnn Rimes and she tweeted “You make some great music friend. I love your voice.” We discuss the genesis of his beautifully crafted lyrics and mellow, haunting music and vocals. His music is available on iTunes and from his web site.

Aug 10, 2013

Living a Balanced, Passionate Life with Tanya Penny and Live Music by Rizorchestra

  We talk to life coach Tanya Penny about how to create and live a balanced, passionate life.  See more at

 The second hour we feature the down-home, west coast, California roots guitar music of Rizorchestra. See more about RIzorchestra at

Aug 3, 2013

Meir Schneider’s Vision for Life and Sing Your Soul Song with Michele Newman

Host Ruth Copland interviews Meir Schneider who cured himself of congenital blindness. Born with cataracts,glaucoma, astigmatism and nystagmus, after 5 unsuccessful operations he expected to be blind for life. We find out how at 17 he began a regimen of eye exercises & healed himself. Working 120,000 clinical hours over 42 years he’s helped people to prevent blindness & conditions like cataracts & glaucoma by teaching people.  Find out more about his method, School For Self Healing, workshops and books at

   Next Ruth interviews Michele Newman, sound healer and medical intuitive.  Michele integrates her spiritual training and personal spiritual path with voice, crystal bowls, games and a non-judgmental, safe place for people to express their deepest soul sense through music. We talk about the many people she has helped, how she does it, and also get to hear her play the crystal bowl live. To find out more and/or book an appointment visit or call 831-475-5554.


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