Sep 29, 2012

Nina Koocher and the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz

nina-with-yuke1-300x225.png We talk to Producer/Director Nina Koocher about her award winning film Under the Boardwalk: A Ukulele Love Story.  This film features the world's largest group of ukulele players in the world, the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz.  We talk about life and love, and the great force behind the music. For more information visit

Next we are delighted by the live performance from ten members of the uke club.  They talk about what inspires them in between their thrilling songs. (    ukuleleclub.jpg

Sep 22, 2012

Summer of Love and Monterey Pop 45 Years Later

summeroflove.jpg We talk to Andrew Hernandez, Director of the Monterey Summer of Love Festival 45 Years Later.  The Monterey Pop Festival was a three-day concert event in 1967 that had 90,000 people at its peak performances.  It launched rock legends like Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and The Who.  45 Years later you can get a be part of  The  Summer of Love experience  on September 29th.   You can see Big Brother and the Holding Company, It's a Beautiful Day, Barry McGuire, The Standells, The Hendrix Experience, among others (

We feature the music of a band from Santa Cruz, Sweet Jam, which is described as "Heart Rock "( Mark McFadden, lead guitarist and singer/songwriter,  talks to us about his inspiration for writing lyrics  "It's Our Choice."  Sweet Jam will be on the NuVolution stage at the Monterey Fairgrounds.

stormystrong.jpg Live on It's the Way of Love is Stormy Strong, another Santa Cruz musician who will be on the NuVolution stage in Monterey next weekend.  He plays Jumpstart the Heart and Where is my Mind? Andrew Hernandez loves finding new talent as they are launching their rock careers!

Sep 15, 2012

It’s Time for Mountain Men Music and the Harvest Festival

Hallie.gif We talk to Hallie Greene, district manager for the Boulder Creek Recreation and Park District, about the second annual Santa Cruz Mountains Harvest Festival.  The harvest festival brings together the community for lots of whole hearted healthy fun! A perfect way to live the dream locally! It is the perfect example of global thinking applied locally. The Santa Cruz Mountains Harvest Festival is in Boulder Creek, CA on September 29th.  Come up to the redwood forest to take a hay ride, get your face painted, listen to live bands and sip local grown wines, and visit

steveschnarr.jpg Next we talk to Steve Schnarr of The Santa Cruz Fruit Tree Project.  Steve started this group in Santa Cruz, CA. This group organizes volunteers to go out and harvest surplus fruits off  fruit trees and then turns them into delicious ciders and jams.  They are want you to join them at local harvests and workshops and you can contact them at

coffis.jpg We have Jamie and Kellen Coffis, of The Coffis Brothers playing live in the studio! They rock our apples off with some new pre-released material! Lucky listeners get a copy of their cd  The Mountain Men. They even offer a free download if you go to

Sep 8, 2012

Good Things are Happening at TEDx Santa Cruz and Music from Bobby Carr

Sandy-Skees-80x80.jpg We talk to movers and shakers of TEDx Santa Cruz, which is a local, self-organized event that brings people together to share inspiring conversations on Ideas Worth Spreading.  We talk about the upcoming TEDx Santa Cruz event  on Sept. 15 . Sandy Skees, Public Relations for TEDx gives established businesses, early stage companies and organizations insight on the intersection of brand, communications and purpose. Sandy creates programs that provide organizations a way to focus, share, and motivate change in the world – change that values people, respects planetary resources and fosters prosperity. The goal is to tell strategic stories that create connections and inspire goodness in a sustainable world. Irene-Tsouprake1.jpg Irene Tsouprake,  Co-Organizer, Speaker Selection, Emcee for TEDx Santa Cruz is also a Santa Cruz Change Agent, Writer, Heavily Invested Citizen, Caring Capitalist, Congress Briefer, Actress, SuperMom, MadlyInLoveWife, provider of extraordinary events, anywhere on the planet.   We talk to Sandy and Irene about the speakers and their ideas, and a few have been past guests on It's the Way of Love: Terry Corwin of Land Trust of Santa Cruz County and Danny Keith of Grind Out Hunger. Be a part of inspiring conversations at

092.jpg Finallymusician Bobby Carr plays live for us and makes Rockelle cry with his version of Rainbow Connection.  You can find Bobby with his blues harps and guitar on most mornings at the Rainbows End Cafe in Boulder Creek, CA.  Bobby left behind the "Rat Race" of a 9-5 job and an hour long commute 30 years ago and now has music and nature feed his soul.

Sep 1, 2012

Jeff Ousley on Guitardens, Mike Mease of Buffalo Field Campaign and Saskia Lucas of SC Open Streets

jeffousley.jpg We catch Jeff Ousley, Guitar Tech for Nancy Wilson of Heart, on vacation at his very own Guitarden, or "guitar shaped garden!"  Jeff talks to us about combining community, gardening and rock and roll.  When a guy like Jeff spends 8 months out of the year on tour in the exciting world of Rock and Roll, he shares his ways of grounding and inspiring, and what makes for an extra special concert.

mikemease.jpg We talk to Mike Mease, Founder of Buffalo Field Campaign, who will be hitting the road in September for a  road show to Oregon and California to share music, stories, video, and activism inspired by the Yellowstone bison. He'll be joined by musicians Goodshield and Phoenix for what promise to be a handful of very special events. For more information please visit

saskia.jpg Get ready Santa Cruz for of Santa Cruz Open Streets!  We talk to Saskia Lucas, founder of this dynamic group about

their upcoming event on Sunday, October 7th on the most beautiful street on the West Coast,  West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, California!  Join in on the

festivities, but make sure you leave your car behind! There will be plenty for everyone, even your canine, to enjoy! For more information please visit


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