Jun 30, 2012

Alternative Energy Talks with Melissa Ceresa and Ray Newkirk

raynewkirk.jpg We talk to Ray Newkirk, the founder and co-owner of the Green Station  (http://www.thegreenstation.us/) which is a biodiesel fueling station and alternative energy resource. Ray is a general contractor who leans green. While Ray has built numerous homes and additions in Santa Cruz, CA, including a 2-story 2500 square foot straw bale, his focus for the past 10 years has been on renewable energy, passive solar design, rain water catchment and providing biodiesel to the community.

melissa-ceresa.jpg Next, we talk to Melissa Ceresa of West Valley College Advanced Transportation Technology and Energy (westvalley.edu/atte).  We talk about upcoming training courses they have in Energy Auditing and Solar PV Design and LEED as well as some new Geographic Information Systems classes. The ATTE initiative is set up to transform California's workforce by providing on-demand training that is accessible, flexible and relevant in today's economy. With a focus on transportation and energy. The ATTE provides training to help businesses and workers meet the challenge of newly emerging transportation and energy technologies.

Jun 16, 2012

Joel Postman on Social Media

joelpostman2.jpg We talked to Joel Postmam about social media. Postman is the author of SocialCorp: Social Media Goes Corporate, a handbook designed to help corporate communicators and executives understand how to successfully adopt social business strategies in large companies. Joel is the principal of Socialized, a consultancy that helps companies take advantage of social media in corporate communications, public relations and marketing. Prior to founding Socialized, Joel was EVP of Emerging Media at Eastwick Communications, where he led the agency's social media practices and helped companies like Fujitsu, StrongMail, and Seagate Technology adopt social media initiatives. Joel is a 20-year corporate communications veteran. He worked for five years at Sun Microsystems, where he as a senior manager of executive communications and speechwriter to then-CEO and chairman, Scott McNealy. After Sun, Joel joined Hewlett Packard. He is presently Senior Manager, Executive Communications, for Brocade.


Jun 2, 2012

Spring into Summer with George Orwell Experience and Soup 127

scottdj127.jpg georgeorwell.jpg

In this weeks radio show Soup127  The Environmental DJ raps with MC Hager and we are ready celebration from the Spring into Summer Fest, in Santa Cruz, CA.  The band George Orwell Experience delights our senses with out of this world sounds.  And on It's the Way of Love we Love the music of Steve Graves! All musicians are featured at the festival which is going on as we speak. stevegraves.jpg


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