Mar 31, 2012

Whole Heart Native Warmth Project and Indian Canyon

maggiesolel0.jpg We talk to Maggie Sotelo about Whole Heart Native Warmth Project.  This project provides blankets to Native Americans.  For more information after listening to the interview you can go to

annmariesayers.jpg Next, we talk to Ann Marie Sayers and Kanyon from Indian Canyon, the only federally recognized Costanoan Ohlone territory.  They host an annual traditional storytelling in the summer months as a fundraiser for their village house.    Please see for more information.  kanyon.jpg

Mar 24, 2012

Jazzelle Speaks about Her Activism through Filmmaking Process

jazzelle32.jpg Jazzelle talks about activism through film. She shares the story of the Light Brown Apple Moth Eradication Program and how she used film to assert our right to health and safety.  Jazzelle is a film-maker and musician. She produces social justice documentaries, music videos, and the award winning "Planet of Dreamz" music show on  CTV.  Her recently produced video, "Echoes of the Great Depression-Santa Cruz Occupied", was screened at the 11th Annual Santa Cruz Film Festival. Her videos have been featured in film festivals for the last 5 years.  You can check out more videos at

Mar 17, 2012

Mike Kittredge and Megan Carlson on Helping the Homeless

mikekittridge2.jpg We talked to Mike Kittredge and Megan Carlson of Homeless Services Center in Santa Cruz, CA about homelessness and ways people are helping right here in our community. Did you know that on average, volunteers weigh less, live longer, and are generally happier than non-altruists? It's true! Give back right in your own community, and help us build a better Santa Cruz, even if you only have one hour a month.    For more information you can go to

Mar 3, 2012

Tierra Madre Farmers Discusses Techniques for Preserving World’s Crop Diversity

tierramadre.jpg On this episode of It's the Way of love we talk to Chris Menge, Shane Murphy & Cory Murphy of Tierra Madre Farm.  Tierra Madre Farm is a small farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains dedicated to promoting and preserving our world's crop diversity.  They collect and propagate fruit and vegetable crops and offer seeds and fruit trees. They also offer our unique produce for sale through CSA (community Supported Agriculture) and wholesale to local restaurants, markets and businesses.  For more information visit


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